About Ruidong

Ruidong Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2011 as an air conditioning and refrigeration solutions provider. We analyze your information and specific needs and provide the cooling/air conditioning system and equipment to ideally fulfill those needs. Our services include the system design, equipment production, installation and sales of the system and equipment. Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment has changed the way humans live, work and play since their invention. These cooling units allow us to live comfortably and safely in some of the hottest and most desolate environments on the planet. Refrigeration units allow us to store and transport food, greatly extending its freshness and shelf life. Ruidong produces a wide range of products including air conditioner terminal units, ventilation units, water cooled chillers and many other pieces of high efficiency equipment. Our dynamic products are suitable for everything from home cooling applications all the way to large-scale, industrial refrigeration setups. No matter the scale of your cooling needs, Ruidong has the design strength and production capabilities to provide you with the solutions necessary to satisfy your requirements. Details